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When it comes to Albuquerque Public Schools, it’s a safe bet there will be differences of opinion, but one thing most can agree on is that the community benefits from hearing compelling stories about our students, staff, and families.

Now, anyone interested in exploring the ins and outs of APS will have that opportunity without ever having to attend a public meeting, schedule appointments with district administrators or scour the internet for information.

The APS Communications Department in partnership with the district’s radio station, KANW 89.1 FM, and a retired teacher have just introduced a new monthly podcast called APS Open Book.



Suicide has become a national epidemic that doesn’t discriminate. When someone young dies entire communities are shaken. At Albuquerque Public Schools more than 18-hundred threat assessments a year are reviewed in hopes of reaching students facing some of life’s most difficult times. Hello, I’m Mark Goodrum, host of the “APS Open Book” podcast. Tune in to learn what APS is doing to save lives, support students and their families. When suicide is the topic, what you know can make all the difference. 1-855-662-7474 or 1-855-NMCRISIS

Episode II

She’s one of the state’s most influential educational leaders and has what many would consider one of the toughest jobs in America. So, what keeps APS Superintendent Raquel Reedy up at night, how does she feel about the quality of teaching going on in classrooms and what does she have to say to all those critics? I’m Mark Goodrum, answers to those questions and more on the APS Open Book Podcast.

Episode III

What is the state of safety in the Albuquerque Public Schools?  Join us as APS Open Book host, Mark Goodrum sits down with APS Chief Operations Officer, Scott Elder and APS Chief of Police, Steven Gallegos for a conversation about safety procedures, security, and protection of our public schools.

Episode IV

Episode Info

Chorus, band, orchestra, drama, mariachi, art, and even steel drums - the fine arts in the Albuquerque Public Schools are reaching all students from elementary to high school.  Join Mark Goodrum as he speaks with APS students and their teachers about the importance of a fine arts education.

Mark Goodrum speaks with APS Fine Arts Director, Gina Rasinski, former APS Fine Arts Director, Luis Delgado, retired music educator, Ron Lipka, and APS students and their teachers about the wide-ranging fine arts programs offered at APS schools.

Episode V

From APS graduation to successful careers in Albuquerque, it's homecoming on the next APS Open Book Podcast. Join Mark Goodrum for an interesting interview with two former APS students who discuss the impact of their APS education on their current occupations. Mark Goodrum speaks with APS alumni Rachel Scott, a first-year teacher at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School and Danielle Todesco, morning news anchor at KOB-TV about their journeys to their successful careers

Episode VI

Extended School Year

Will the addition of 10 extra days to the school year improve student learning? Join Mark Goodrum for an interesting discussion about the benefits and impact of an extended school year.

Episode VII

APS submitted nearly 800 water samples form 69 schools built before 1990 to proactively check on potential lead levels.  What were the results?  How is APS addressing any risk?  Listen to Episode 7 of the APS Open Book Podcast.

Episode VIII

What makes a good teacher? How do teachers improve themselves? Listen to episode 8 of the APS Open Book Podcast as Mark Goodrum discusses the art of teaching with a UNM professor in the Department of Teacher Education and an ECademy ConnectED teacher at APS' Eldorado High School. Mark Goodrum speaks with Marjorie Krebs and Jackie Cusimano about the art of teaching.

Episode IX

What's on the ballot in the upcoming APS Bond and Mill Levy election? Will taxes increase? Listen to episode 9 of the APS Open Book Podcast as Mark Goodrum discusses the election with APS' Chief Operations Officer, a high school teacher, and a charter school principal.

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