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Welcome to my page for my W5MHG station. I really like the hobby and have been licensed since 2000.  Here in Albuquerque, the ham community is wonderful. We have the MegaLink which covers the entire state and more.
I use HF,2M 440, Echolink Link Node W5MHG-R (559618) and AllStar Link at Node (28239) I also enjoy PSK31. Just recently I have been using Dstar. I have an IC 880 and a IC 31A. Really enjoy that mode.

Please join us on a net in honor of our good friend Dee" Diedrich aka "The Voice of Amateur Radio in Albuquerque" sk. The net is being conducted every Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM MST.  TUNE YOUR RADIOS TO 146.40 SIMPLEX.

While you visit this page please click on the on the Boat Anchor link to listen some of the nets. It is fun to hear all the conversations that were on the nets.

Also click on the YHAMRADIO link to see the monthly Podcast video. This podcast is a monthly video conversation with local hams. They are talking about their thoughts of this wonderful hobby we all love.

Sammy and I on the radio.

New Upgraded Shack.

New Upgraded Shack.

The player at the bottom is an Echolink node. It is connected to the Echolink system. Most of the time it is connected to Audio feeds and the DStar will also be played.

The player will also play a HF feed from W7RNA SDR RECIEVER so enjoy.

The local RF side of the station is on the simplex frequency 147.465 with a tone of 88.5. 

For more info about Echolink Click here

Click below for the presentation on Echolink.

Hamradio 2.0 W5MHG Echolink Presentation at the Duke City Hamfest. Callsign Lookup:

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