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Tailgate Tuesday 


Tailgate Tuesday is held locally in Albuquerque on the Caravan Club repeater 145.33 on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.


This station ( W5MHG)and THe Caravan Club are not responsible for any sales or transactions from this Tailgate.



Has for sale Ham Radio Desks Maps!

Get two, one to hang on the wall as a map!

Get two, one to hang on the wall as a map!

Here is a picture of my Ham Desk!

Here is a picture of my Ham Desk!

If you want a beautiful Mat to enhance your Ham Desk, this is great choice! I have one and love it! Price 20.00 Contact

If you want a beautiful Mat to enhance your Ham Desk, this is great choice! I have one and love it!

Price 20.00


NK5W Bruce,

has a Hustler Base (Model G6-144B)  2M Vertical Antenna.

Asking $75.00 from SK.

It is already assembled, Good Shape!




 Jim (NM5JH)

Radioddity GD-77 DMR radio with 2M and 70cm


Includes battery and charger with USB battery charger, Power adapter, User Manual, Dual band antenna (rubber ducky)

            Belt clip, the radio, and programming cable.


I bought it about 3 months ago, and still haven’t caught the bug. Programming in via data cable, and instructors are better on Youtube than anything the Chinese instructions.

 Will sell for $75. It is $90 new on line.

 You do have to register with and get a User ID. Takes about a day to come back. No fee involved, but have to have amateur license.

 Jim Hunter



505.259.3551 (C)


Has a want :

Jack is looking for a HF Mobile Radio.

Also a mobile antenna.



KC5EFM, Art 

This is a I want.

 1- A parts radio, Icom IC-706MKIIG

 2- hand mic MH-103 or MH-118T, for the IC-706

 3- mobile mounting bracket MB62, for the IC-706

 4- front panel mount bracket MB-63, for the IC-706

 5- separation cable OPC-587, for the IC-706

 6- Instruction Manual, for the IC-706MKIIG



For Sale


BTech UV50x3 144/220/440 $85.00


Wouxun KG-UV950P Quad Band 10m/6m/2/440 $150.00 for both
BTech has RT systems software


 Also Is selling the DMR model Tytera MD390

Orgnal Box

Asking 75,

(505) 382-2634

KO5Y Ken

Has a QYT Brand New Quad Band.


Great small radio. Asking 95.00

Contact Cell 505-296-2265



Hi All,
This is Terry
I made a plastic pipe structure for my Small Magnetic Loop (SML) and installed four 3/4 in diameter copper tubes, effectively 3 inches diameter which makes an excellent SML antenna. but then realized it was not good for portable, which is all I do now. Many Hams who have them have worked the world with QRP (and less copper).  This SML is 1 meter diameter and is 90% efficient on 160-10 meters if good connections are made.  It requires a butterfly capacitor ($68 at MFJ) (or vacuum variable) and is low profile for housing issues.  It is low to the ground and if 2 meter long radials are added it adds 5 dB gain. I will sell it for $100. It is a great antenna for home use (even indoors), but not for portable.  It has a 1/5 meter diameter small loop, inside the big loop, which feeds the loop with a 50 ohm matched load (no matching problems).  The antenna is tuned with the variable capacitor, with a VSWR meter or just listening to the increase in band noise.  If anyone knows who might be interested,

I can be contacted at

W5KOB Bill

Has for sale:

Grundig Satellit 800 Receiver.


AM & FM Bands Plus Aviation bands.

Asking 200