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Tailgate Tuesday 


Tailgate Tuesday is held locally in Albuquerque on the Caravan Club repeater 145.33 on the every Tuesday.


This station ( W5MHG)and THe Caravan Club are not responsible for any sales or transactions from this Tailgate.

Freeman Pascal (N5FPP)

Has a want:

All Mode VHF/UHF 1.2 G FULL DUPLEX Radio.

Contact: / Ph-505-400-9557

Jim Hunter -NM5JH

I found RTS software and cables for ICOM 7000 HF radio. Bought it for the

City EOC and transferred by Yaesu 857D load for hf nets and eoc's.

New its $49 - if somebody has a 7000 they can make me a reasonable offer. I

don't envision buying new HF radio.

Jim Hunter



505.259.3551 (C)

Craig KC6UQT

For Sale

TYT MD-2017 DMR radio in box
TYT MD-9600 v.3 DMR mobile in box

KC6UQT Craig
Cell 505-382-2634

Lee Maisel


I have an ICOM IC-PW1 1KW amp HF/50 in excellent condition, and barely used for $2000 (still selling new at almost 5K!)
Also is a Yaesu Quadra System Amp and PS in excellent condition, also for $2000. And is currently selling new for $4200
These were from a SK estate, and I'd planned on using them, however, I just do not have the antenna space or RFI mitigation necessary to operate power of this magnitude.

info on Icom:
Info on Quadra:

  GEORGE /KP4QT    Has for sale a Icom V8000 65wt output.


Has for sale a Icom V8000 65wt output.

BRAND NEW IN THE BOX!!!  Everything right from the Factory.

Asking 145.00 or OBO

Contact: 505-859-2366



Here's the list of my ham radios gear...

1. Kenwood TS 60S, a 6 meter all mode rig base or mobile. 

90 Watts on CW, SSB and FM.

25 Watts on AM.

TX ranges 50 to 54 MHz.

RX ranges 30 to 60 Mhz. 

Selling for + or - $ 650.00. With a printed paper instructions Manuel. 


2. Yaesu 8DR HT with 6 M, 2 M, 1.2 M and 70 Cm bands.

This HT is very rare to have FM and AM TX modes on 6 Meter band only!

Rest are FM only on 2 M, 1.2 M and 70 Cm bands.

TX power put put 5 Watts on 6, 2 ,70 and 1.5 watts on 1.2 M 222-225 Mhz bands.

1 watts AM on 6 Meter band.

Bonus a GPS antenna with built in GPS receiver!

RX ranges 500 KHz to 1 GHz.  "Cell phone blacked out in 800 Mhz ranges"

RX modes are AM, FM and WBFM.

Asking price is $ 275.00 with a Main instructions Manuel. 


3. AOR 8600 broadband receiver RX only.

Covers 150 KHZ to 3 GHz.

Analog modes are CW, SSB, AM, AMW,  NBFM, FM and WFM,  sorry no analog or digital video modes.

Digital mode.

ACPO-25P, no trunking mode must be in big city areas to get the signal. In lower 400 MHz ranges or 800 Mhz ranges.

$ 550.00 with a instructions Manuel.

Aside from selling the radio, also need help on getting the TX digital mode working on my Kenwood TS 2000X having problem with Rigblaster.

Little or no problem on RX digital same goes for analog SSTV.

Contact: text 505-503-3420 or E-mail


Has for sale Ham Radio Desks Maps!

   Get two, one to hang on the wall as a map!

Get two, one to hang on the wall as a map!

  Here is a picture of my Ham Desk!

Here is a picture of my Ham Desk!

  Gold Radio Desk Mat- $25.00

Gold Radio Desk Mat- $25.00

 For sale, 125.00

For sale, 125.00


KO5Y Ken

Has a QYT Brand New Quad Band.


Great small radio. Asking 95.00

Contact Cell 505-296-2265